Friday, June 1, 2007

Using Atmospheric Photosynthesis to turn off Global Warming

With a thousand theories rolling around about global warning, I noticed something that science had long ago revealed but they must have never noticed, and is so bone cracking cold and huge it will drastically change our understanding of Global Warming.

I justify that statement because I have not heard a single theory about Global Warming, that also accounts the rapid disappearance of the natural method earth uses to adjust its surface temperatures.

For maybe 100 years science has known that the oxygen in our air gets there through plants photosynthesizing water with solar energy. Plants need to do this to separate the hydrogen from the water to mix it with carbon to make their carbohydrates, (plant food).

They also know that plants get their carbon from CO2 in our air. Co2 is a waste product of our bodies and everything else that also burns organic fuels.

They also know that plants use very little of the oxygen left over after removing the H from H2O so they just release it into our atmosphere.

Engineers and manufactures know that ‘Expansion’ is a natural one step rapid cooling process, but they must not have told theory scientists.

I have not seen a scientific explanation of global warming that accounts for the fact that every atom of oxygen released into earth's atmosphere also expands about 800 times, which is roughly the difference in weight between water and air at sea level.

This is very important because the amount of this cold expansion occurring in the atmosphere has been drastically reduced, as it has not been drastically changed in the oceans.

I'm amazed how many people doubt that this massive expansion even occurs because the oxygen plants release was tightly compressed water molecules until the hydrogen was removed.

I want to hear a theory scientist explain to a practical engineer how any plant can prevent the instantaneous expansion of oxygen gas, considering it was released from being compressed into about 800 times less space.
Or how it is possible for the same amount of heat energy to maintain the same temperature of mass that suddenly expands 800 times in volume.

To deny this massive cooling effect, is to either argue that heat does not need a source, or that oxygen generates stout enough friction against itself (during expansion,) to counteract the cooling effect.

If they know of a plant that can keep oxygen in liquid form, then I'll be real impressed. That would be 297.3 degrees below zero (f). I'll bet that plant would still feel cold, and super cool down the air that moves around it. The physics are undeniable gas that comes from liquid expands.

We don't notice it because it happens over vast organic surfaces one molecule at a time, instead of being sprayed out from the nozzle of a can.

A thousand expanded molecules of oxygen could still hide under the tip of a pin. But an average leaf could host billions of these expansions a minute under very fast growing conditions.

Most theory scientists seem to be blaming today's high levels of C02 for holding far more heat in the atmosphere, so it seems almost logical that fossil fuels have be the cause. They can be measured coming from auto and truck exhaust and who loves the oil industry, especially some of their suppliers, so it is popular incentive to convict fossil fuels.

I don't work for them and powering cars with them is grossly inefficient, overpriced and polluting. But over the last hundred and fifty or so years, according to NASA web sites, humans have mowed down around 80% of earth’s heaviest atmospheric vegetation, so it is no longer around to eat up nearly as much C02, as it did a hundred years ago, so naturally the levels Co2 will greatly increase, with or without the burning of fossil fuels.

The fuels certainly make things worse, but this might help you understand why they can't be the cause.

Consider how much solar heat energy slams into our planet compared to every BTU of heat ever generated from us humans burning organic fuels. Do you really believe our fuels equal more then an hour or two? Even if it was a week, it is not competing with the sun.

Earth's natural method of inhaling that pollutant C02 has been massively reduced by our constant mowing down of earth's thickest vegetation.

Now combine my bone cracking cold observation about what plants exhale, with what they inhale and it becomes obvious that earth would naturally heat up like an iced tea sitting on a picnic table in the hot sun.

We humans have just cut down earth's natural air cooling and cleaning systems.

The cause of Global Warming is as obvious as this simple question: What would happen to the temperatures in our buildings on a hot summer day if we took away their air conditioners?

Third Graders can verify every aspect of this so no more theories are needed.

Many scientists are going to say “Its more complicated then that”, since that saves them from explaining how they could have missed the fact that every atom of oxygen naturally released into our atmosphere is bone cracking cold, and that the constant mowing down of earth's vegetation has reduced it's natural cold making machine by at least 50%.

It is standard procedure for theory science to deny the obvious things they miss.

For 50 after some Europeans discovered that infections were caused by contamination, the American Medical Society refused to believe that American surgeons also needed to wash their hands before surgery, but afterward was a good idea.

The AMS would have looked very stupid for not realizing something so basic first, had they just agreed.

Science is debating if a huge space shade umbrella is possible in the next thirty or so years, when all we have to do to cool things is to irrigate earth’s hottest deserts with the fresh water our large rivers just dump into our salty oceans.

We need to also use desalinization, and trap the fresh water just melting from huge ice bergs into the salty seas.

If mankind can already pipe huge amounts of crude oil thousands of miles across frozen mountains and tundra, irrigating hot deserts that are already under seal level should be a peace of cake. We could even use real long hoses and the natural siphon effect.

Turning even some of earth’s hottest spots into cooler paradises would not only be much faster and cheaper then a space umbrella, it would provide the world with an economic bonanza, millions of tons of food, new inhabitable lands for exploding populations and much more.

Planting seeds is about a 40,000 year old technology, we don't even know if that space umbrella can stay stable in the solar winds.

I won’t even start on how wonderful reclaiming earth's wastelands would be for all those species we have endangered or how it would help to lower our ocean's rapidly raising tides.

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